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Singapore Live Streaming Service

We provide streaming service from a single professional camera to multiple camera systems in Full HD and 4K UHD. 

Examples of live streaming events social media such as Facebook, youtube and twitter are; live panel discussion, live sporting events and live show.

Higher chance of getting prospective customer live streaming Singapore. Previously, this was possible only if they were able to be physically present in the event to purchase the tickets. However, technology has provided a new way to increase the attendance of such events, i.e. through online streaming. Now, your customers can buy tickets to watch the event online. This has led to an increase in the number of attendees, contributing directly to the generation of additional revenue.

You have a potential to reach them regardless of location. Since Live streams also include the use of Chat Rooms, Online forum, question and answer sessions, you can build a good business relationship with potential customers. This can also result in multiplied word of mouth marketing of your brand, resulting in achieving higher traffic for your website.

What if your competitor has not thought about utilizing an online streaming service yet? If you are the first one to consider live streaming as an online marketing strategy, then you can edge over your competitors. This way you can secure your business and ensure that you get access to maximum viewers of the event.

In addition,  we are able to provide custom Private Live Streaming Channel capable of streaming to USA, Europe, China and Worldwide.

Contact us now tell us your live video streaming needs.

Singapore Video Production Service

Corporate Video Production

We understand where video production can deliver benefit for your business in Singapore. We create smart engaging video content which perfectly fits your business strategy and delivers measurable returns on your investment.

We help brands create awareness and tell stories through the medium of video. You can be sure your content will be engaging and executed to the highest production.

Distributing video content in the right way at the right times on the right channel is critical to a campaign success.

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