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Live Streaming

We provide live streaming service in Singapore from internet social media content delivery network to private Cloud Streaming server. Live streaming from a single professional camera to multiple camera systems in Full HD and 4K UHD. 

Types of service include; webcasting, live streaming Singapore Events, Product Videos, Interactive "Talk Show", Internal Training and Onboarding, Meeting and Announcements, Customer - To Customer Testimonials.

Why engage us instead of using a smartphone? Shaky hands, poor audio quality, and network instability are an inherent hazard of going live on mobile devices—not to mention, your stream can be interrupted if someone tries to call you in the middle of a broadcast.

We use Network Bonding Technology. By bonding 3 or more internet network from the various service provider to ensure that the Internet streaming is reliable. A typical scenario is from the venue existing Wifi, bonding with 2 mobile service provider for consistent stable Live stream and redundancy.

You have a potential to reach them regardless of location. Since Live streaming also include the use of Chat Rooms, Online forum, question and answer sessions, you can build a good business relationship with potential customers. This can also result in multiplied word of mouth marketing of your brand, resulting in achieving higher traffic for your website.

Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Periscope, Twitch, LinkedIn all at the same time. In addition,  we are able to provide custom Private Live Streaming Page viewable in USA, Europe, Korea, Japan, and China.

We deploy HDMI, SDI, Newtek NDI, Multi-camera, Audio Mixer to provide the best live streaming experience.       

Contact us now tell us your live video streaming needs.

Video Production

Still looking for the perfect crew to create your Videos? Our world class production style, artists, studio and equipment is what makes us the #1 choice for Singapore Video Production.

We have over 11 years of experience so you can rest assured we get it done right the first time, every-time. You have a lot of choices to make your brand stand out among your competitors and you need a cohesive branding strategy with high quality assets and lead generation magnets.

We are  a full service Singapore based video production company providing custom tailored video and content marketing solutions for budgets large and small to businesses of all sizes.

- Video will build awareness for your company.

- Video will build personal connections earlier on in the sales process.

- Video will motivate customers into and through the buying process.

- Video will improve your SEO rankings by driving and keeping traffic on your site Video will generate quality leads.

Broadcasting and Media Production

Video Podcasting Studio

We provide custom and full production solutions for your broadcasting needs! We provide state of the art fully functional broadcasting studio. Whether you are new to podcasting, looking to record webinars, have an established show or are looking for a corporate solution, we can tailor the appropriate broadcast strategy to fit your needs.

Every recording at our podcast studio  comes with an onsite sound engineer who will monitor your recording so all you have to focus on is your show.

Depending on your needs, we have up to 5  camera options for a full video podcast show. In addition, offer multiple secure connections to remote studios around the world, which allow for seamless, professional, live broadcasts; remote interviews; and the ability to screen/receive live, in-studio phone calls at no additional cost.

Green screen studios are one of the most versatile spaces to shoot a wide range of photo, television, film or commercial productions. However, you’ll need a professionally designed and well-lit stage if you want a quality end result that doesn’t just look like it’s been cut and pasted onto a virtual background.

Here, you’ll not only be able to pre record a talk show but also live stream directly with well chroma key virtual background. 

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