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Video Production Singapore - Let's discover why.

Videos are undoubtedly alot more entertaining for the internet audience as compared to text or images.

That's why Will Dylan provides the highest quality Video Production Singapore

This is surely a great way for any charity organisation to expose faces, voices, character on the web, speaking about these people and their work.

It also displays their authenticity.

Video Marketing has seen to increase conversation rates by around 50 percent, which is considerably higher as in contrasted to an other mode of marketing.

So; you may be thinking that you need to create a video for your service or product. Creating a video is labor intensive:

1. Decided on the story you want to tell | Video Production Singapore

Is it about a new product or service. Perhaps a website or piece of art.

Whatever it is it must be important enough to want to create a video about it and make it.

2. Gather up all the materials you need | Video Production Singapore

Photos, Graphs, Charts, etc.

You may need to scan some so you will need a scanner.

Choose a good one if you want good quality images and you will need a photo imaging software. Some are free and others cost; but do a search to find them.

3. Write your script | Video Production Singapore

This is a tough one if you are not sure what you want to say. Some videos don't need spoken words. But if you want them you will need a microphone or headset and speakers to hear the playback.

4. Get your video equipment in order | Video Production Singapore

You will need video software (some are free but they aren't professional quality). There are lots out there so you will need to do a search for 'Video Software' such as Apple or Adobe, etc. Check your microphone if you want voice. And be sure your speakers are working to hear the playback.

5. Create a storyboard | Video Production Singapore

This is your map to your video. It will show the other things need to be done to make it as you want to look. Don't pass up this stage or you will be wondering around trying to figure out the next step. This takes time and patience and a creative mind. If you are not creative you could hire someone to do it for you; But that could be costly depending on how much information is necessary.

6. Adding Music | Video Production Singapore

This can bring you video from boring to exciting.

The choice of music is as important as the graphic; But maybe even more important. Music creates the mood for the viewer. If the music is exciting they will want to stay to see the whole video if not; They will quickly leave.

Have you ever turned away from the beginning of a theater movie? No; because it grabs and hold on to you. There are some places on web to find royalty free music soundtracks, But you have to know what style of music you want to use. AsI mentioned; Video production can be very expensive as you can see from the information above. You may need to purchase audio equipment such as microphone, headset, audio/video software( some are free; but not very good), online video software, scanner for inserting images from files outside the computer. A photo source if you don't have your own supply some you can get on-line; But their quality may not be professional enough, etc.

You will need to be  able to write the script ( what you are going to say or maybe not say anything). Then you need to create a storyboard. This is the 'Map' of how the video will look when you are finished. This is all proper video planning. This can become an expensive proposition. So think carefully and start an initial plan of what you want your video to do or say. Are you looking to promote a product or service? Maybe a new website? Whatever It is, you need to plan your direction.    


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