Live - Will Dylan
Marina Bay Sands

Facebook Live in HD, Youtube Live streaming in 4K UHD

We have perfected the remote HD Facebook Live experience. Having produced live events at the concert, townhall, and studios, we know that in order to capture the essence and sheer buzz of an event.

All our cameras and server systems are 4K UHD capable, even if the final stream is not in UHD format, the UHD input enables us to  reframe the image on demand and produce in a higher quality feed.

Our Bonding Technology runs off of multiple cell carriers working in tandem to give you sufficient connectivity, even in crowded places. Using this method, we're able to stream wirelessly to Facebook in HD from virtually anywhere.

Another great tool we've utilized is Wowza cloud service where we broadcast to a custom webpage re-encode to Facebook. This way, a layer of insurance is implemented.

In addition, as a Video Production company, we have the ability to add all the animated production graphics you'd expect from a bigger production, like titles and ending slates, lower third graphics, and stinger.

4K UHD Live Streaming Broadcasting

Rock The Block Live

Corporate Webinars & Press Conferences

Another facet of live streaming is the Corporate Webinar. This could possibly be an internal broadcast so that your team can learn about a new product or system being implemented. Or perhaps this is a way for your company to reach investors & customers to inform them of the new features of a product. In either case, a corporate webinar is a phenomenal way for companies to reach a national or even global audience without having to fly everybody out to see it. We consistently work with companies every year to deliver their message to investors, clients, employees, and consumers.

Zilliqa Live Stream on 23 May 2018

Stream channel:

DigiGirz Panel Discussion

Future of Disruption - Temasek

Concerts, Product Launches, & Red Carpets

Live Streaming allows artists and other talents the luxury of interacting with their fans not only at the event but with those watching at home as well. By giving the performer the chance to answer questions live from the online audience, you create an environment of engagement that fans can't help but share.

Live Band Music Production

On the product launch front, when a company streams to Facebook or YouTube in regards to a new product or announcement, fans everywhere can have the chance to make their voices heard.

We also produce Multi-Camera Live Streaming across several locations. 

On-Location Live Streaming around the world private broadcast channel details

Streaming from Japan

Streaming from Hong Kong

Streaming from Singapore

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